Save money

Expectation: Save a lot of money!

How: By not spending. divide the spending into essentials and non-essentials. Curtailing the non-essential spending.

Reality: Non-essential spending makes life bearable. So a fine balance is required.

Alternative approach: Blog about it.


Quit Smoking

Expectation: To quit smoking completely.

How: By not smoking

Reality: Can quit for couple of days, but unable to keep it consistent.

Alternative approach: Blog about it.

Make new memories

Expectation: Out with the old and in with the new memories.

How: Doing something memorable, skydive, go on a week long road trip, go camping, go hiking, meet new people, greet old friends, do something I fear.

Reality: Time, money and company!

Alternative approach: Blog about it.

Read more and more importantly write more

Expectation: Read more “meaningful” literature. Write more “meaningful” stuff.

How: I think I’m pretty decent at the reading department. Should think of buying a Kindle? Writing has to start, blog at least once a week/day/month?

Reality: What to read? What is meaningful? What to write? What is meaningful?

Alternative approach: Blog about it.