And when I awoke, I was alone, this bird had flown

This is something I have been putting off for the longest time. Norwegian Woods by Murakami – I’ve had the book for a really long time, but never read it, till last friday night, partly because I have no life, and I had lots of work to put off.

Saturday noon, I had finished the book, along with all my cigarettes and alcohol, and I was deeply affected. The tragedy was fresh in my mind, and I was despondent, depressed,  and dejected. And strangely happy.

I didn’t write about it immediately, because I wanted some time to think about it, and the tragic love story was fresh in my mind for me to do any sort of analysis.

Suicide and death is one of the central themes of the book, apart from Love and possibly mental illness. Suicide is shown as the easy way out, as well as the only way out.But it also shows how death is the easy way out for one character, but which has enduring affect on the living. The lives in the novel are changed for worse with the suicide. But natural death is shown as far more peaceful and liberating, maybe the suffering of a person in deathbed makes it easier for everyone to accept the death when it finally arrives.

The central character Toru is very detached from people surrounding him, and keeps himself inside a metaphorical wall. But this hits him harder when the pain is brought by the few people he has in his life. Its the Tragic Hero Syndrome which gets me, about the man who suffers much due to the things which are completely out of his control, which he cannot figure out with a logical and rational mind. There is no real closure to any death.

We can explain most of the things in our lives – hunger passion love affection hatred etc to the Evolution. But the sense of loss from the death of someone close, how do we explain it?


Dropkick Murphys!

House of Blues

House of Blues Music Hall

House of Blues Houston is one of the cooler places in downtown to catchup on concerts, bit too mainstream, but everything in Houston in. There are no Hipsters in Houston.

Shot to fame (atleast in my textbook) with the I’m Shipping Up to Boston soundtrack in the Scorsese crime-drama-identity-thriller The Departed. I wasn’t particularly hooked on to them, but when I heard they were doing a concert in House of Blues Houston, I knew I had to go.



Bought the tickets, left early from work, downed some quick shots of whiskey, took the bus, held my pee, reached House of Blues, had some quick beer (bloody expensive I thought at 8 bucks), had some quick smokes, ogled at some hot women, saw the opening act The Revilers (which was not too bad), talked to random drunk people, was blown away by the next act – Old Man Markley – what an awesome band with banjo, autoharp, washboard, fiddle along with the guitars bass and drum – a sweet and energetic blue grassy outfit with so much energy and sweet happy music – I was beaming the whole time


the entire being exploded with Dropkick Murphys, moshed screamed sang drank and smoked

Before the dropkick Murphys took the stage, the empty stage looked awesome, and it was eerie silent and breathtaking.


When I got pushed to the sides, cuz taking a picture in the middle of the mosh is not a good idea.







Dropkick Murphys - in full flow


Ken Casey signing at the end of the show.

bought the autographed cds of Old Man Markley CDs, got to the bus stop, shared a bad pepperoni pizza with an affable stranger, got into a wrong bus, got down at the wrong stop, met a guy waiting for his girlfriend to pick him up, reached back home at 2pm, and crashed with a bliss!





The CDs of Old Man Markley, pretty awesome band with some really cool music!!