There is a pounding in my head

There is a pounding in my head

I wonder if I were better of dead

I can’t look at future with anything but dread

I don’t really want to get up from this bed.

They’ll be celebrating the day when the country was freed

Though the country doesn’t have enough to feed

The teeming millions who can’t do anything but breed

Maybe that is my creed.

Gone are the wishes and deed

Let me rest and not heed

I can’t get up and lead

This revolution has no seed

I put my hand under the pillow and checked

Something hard and poking like a lead

I wonder if I hit it last night while I napped

There is a pounding in my head.


Rain fog and night



I love rain

I love fog

I love the night

Is it because it hides

The Mundane?

On a rainy night

When lightning strikes

And lights up the world for a brief flash

I’m always caught by surprise.

Everything looks exactly the same

The magic of night is lost.

And then I go back to sleep

The pitter patter of the rain

Singing the lullaby

And I dream.