Normally weird

My family is possibly not the weirdest ever, but its surely far from normal. I mean, my parents are probably the most level headed people ever, with their own little insecurities. My cousins are quite sane as well. Oh but the other relatives, they probably take the cake.

I’d an aunt whose normal was being angry, and going ballistic. I’m sure not even a single day passes by where she is not screaming/shouting/going absolutely nuts on some real or perceived hurt to her dignity and respect. I remember me feeling sorry for her kids, but then when I was a kid, and I’d my own problems to deal with, so I never had time for others grievances. I guess I don’t have it even now!

I’d another aunt, who was possibly the quietest person I know. I remember she being funny, when I was really small. But slowly she stopped talking to anyone, her movements also became very quiet, till suddenly whenever I see her, I’ll think of a small furtive mouse, so quiet, gone before you heard it. She does answer direct questions, but I guess feeling apologetic for asking about her health, curtails all or any other questions.

I recently met my dad’s cousin, whose wife left him, because he bullshits a lot!

Another time I met another uncle, who became such a big drunk that he went bust.

Another uncle of mine, divorced two women, married the third, and is now considering his fourth marriage and next divorce. But from what I heard, he gives regular alimony payments for all his previous wives.

Underneath all these weirdness are a lot of unhappy people though, sad disappointed and disillusioned. Sometimes I feel the facade slipping, but yet another forceful laughter, yet another staring away into space, yet another cigarette or a sip of the tea, and its back. Talking endlessly about everything, except the elephant in the room. There are no confrontations. Everything is swept under the rug, and the drama is so real, its life.


2 thoughts on “Normally weird

  1. So entertainment for free. The mix and mis match of vagaries in behaviour and lifestyle brings in sustenance to relatives !!

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