A weird new world.

Legends of Halahala

It is quite similar to our own, with the crooks and politicians, the aerated caffeine addictive to the big breasted models advertising them in skimpy cloths, the questions of existentialism and love.

The difference being you end up being what you are in Halahala. The monster gains monstrous proportions, the meek inherits a rabbit’s characteristics. There are the different stages of Halahala in space and time.

It begins with the beginning, with a simple life form, attaining complexity, creating soceity, forming an image of our current world, and ending in a dystopia.

Moonward is where it all begins, a crash course into the world that is Halahala.

Legends of Halahala is an exploration of various themes – love, obsession, war, insecurities and existentialism – among others in Halahala. The first time I read them – not technically read them, since the “written word” is limited to an occasional outburst or exclamation – its a silent comic – scomic – cosmic – I found the absurdity and the dark humor hilarious.

The panels are intricate complex detailed and stunning. They capture the mood of the space and story wonderfully.

I went from cover to cover twice and realized I have to keep going back to it.


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